How to reserve apartment or room?

Click on the navigation button CONTACT AND RESERVATION at a new page will be opened with contact information and reservation option. Choose a way to send a query ( e-query, fax, SMS) Also, you can make a query by telephone at the fallowing numbers :
+ 381 63 78 36 968
+ 381 60 76 15 155

Is my reservation certain if I did not get the answer?

Reservation is not valid until you will receive The Confirmation of reservation with voucher from The Only One Apartment by e-mail, fax or mail you stated in query. If you make a query by telephone call, always request the confirmation by e-mail or mail.

Is my reservation certain when I get a positive answer?

If you have received a positive answer (The Confirmation of reservation with voucher) for the period you have stated, then your reservation is sure.

What if a failure happens before my arrival and I can not enter the apartment or room?

In a very small percentage, due to higher power (electrical failure, problems with water supply or sewage system, installation, etc.) we may not able to achieve your valid reservation. Then we are bound to find an adequate replacement for the accommodation of the approximate location so as not to disturb your arrival and stay in Nis.

What if I want to cancel my reservation?

If you, for any reason, want to cancel reservation, please do it on time, or possibly at the moment when you find out that apartment won’t be needed. Please, cancel reservation by mail, fax or SMS. The Only One Apartments & Suites will be your good host at some other occasion. For reservations paid in advance, we have the right to maintain the whole amount, with possibility that you can use the advanced payment on some other occasion in some other period if there are available apartments or rooms.

If I want to shorten my stay in apartment or room, will I get my money back?

The payment of accommodation is made before apartment or room is being used. Our absolute right is, if you leave the apartment or room, unannounced, to keep the whole paid amount. There is a possibility that you can use the payment that you have made on some other occasion in some other period if there are available apartments or rooms.

We recommend that, if there is a possibility for you to shorten your stay in apartment or room, make a reservation on that period with the possibility of extension of duration of stay. In that way you will avoid any misunderstanding about refunds.

Is it possible to make a change when I arrive if I don’t like the apartment or room?

If there is a possibility, The Only One Apartments & Suites will in these situations, if it is in our power, switch apartment or room for hotel accommodation in the price range as rent in The Only One Apartments & Suites. However, due to quality of our apartments and rooms, which you can check on our web site , you can rest assure that this kind of situations are practically impossible.

I am arriving in morning hours. Can I get into my apartment or room immediately?

Check in apartments or a room is from 2pm. Earlier check in is possible in case your apartment or room is vacant on the day of your arrival 60 min before checking in. In case that apartment or room is vacant the earlier day, then it is possible check in early morning hour. It is the best to inquire of that possibility.

I'm arriving at half the night. What then?

You are welcome at The Only One Apartments & Suites at any time of day or night. Renting of apartments or rooms is possible 00-24h, according to our available capacity. Please inform us about your arrival time, the more that it is night arrival in question.

Who will provide me with the keys?

There is always a representative of The Only One Apartments & Suites who will check you in the apartment or room and give you the keys.

What do I do with the keys when I departure?

In most cases, the keys are left on the previously agreed and intended place. We reserve the right, at our request, when you will departure to wait for a person who will come to take the keys.

When and whom do I pay?

Payment is made based on Payment Instructions witch you receive with Notice of Inquiry from The Only One Apartments & Suites, and before services stars. For every payment you will get.

Can I pay in euros or other foreign currency?

Payments from Serbia are the dinars (RSD), based on the selling rate of the National Bank of Serbia on the date of payment. Payments from abroad in foreign currency can be made, using the instructions for payment.

Can I pay at the end of the stay?

Payment is made exclusively in advance, according on Payment Instructions received with Notice of Inquiry. If, by any reason, you are not able to pay renting an apartment or a room, according on Payment Instructions, please contact us so we can make some kind of agreement on the most suitable way of payment.

Can I have visitors in my apartment or room?

In your apartment or room you can have visitors. Only need to mention that even your visitors have to abide by house rules.

Is there a parking?

The Only One Apartments & Suites have two parking.
The first is public parking, on the street in front of the apartments.
It is on you to choose on witch of these two parking you would like to park your vehicle. The parking is Free.

What awaits me in the refrigerator?

Refrigerator in the apartment or room is empty. If you have any special request, please don’t hesitate to ask. We shall try to satisfy your request.

Do I have to bring towels and bedding? How often are sheets and towels changed?

In our apartments or room bed linen is provided for all the beds/persons provided by reservation. So it is for towels. Changing of bed linen is every three days if your stay is longer then one or two days. Towels are provided for every bed, during your stay, and are changed every tree days.

Can I cook and prepare food in the apartment?

In some apartments and rooms there is a furnished kitchen, with basic utensils for food preparation. In apartments and rooms that are equipped for that, you can prepare food, which is one of the advantages that favorites us with our guests, in comparison to a hotel accommodation. If you have any special requests for some dishes, don’t hesitate to ask us. It is our business to make your stay in Nis as comfortable as possible.

I've lost my key!

In case you lose a key, you will be charged for changing the locks on apartment or room, and making a new set of five keys.

Is there internet connection in the apartment or room?

In apartments and room there is permanent and unlimited internet access. It can be used for free by Wireless.

Is there a phone in the apartment or room?

Apartments and rooms don’t have phones. In case of an urgent need for a phone, you can contact us. We will immediately provide you a phone to use. If you insist on a fixed phone, we oblige you to inform about that detail before you make final reservation.

What happens if you break the house rules?

We are very proud with our guests, and we have never, in our so far experience, had inconvenience of this type. However, if there should be any house rule braking, The Only One Apartments & Suites has the right to cancel its hospitality with no right for refund for unused period that you have paid for, and ask you to leave apartment or room.

What are the House rules?

House rules are rules of apartment and room usage. You are responsible for apartment or room, things in it, you behavior and behavior of your visitors. The level of noise can’t be more than usual; this applies specifically at the period 10pm – 8am.

For more in-depth information see house-rules